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Get high-quality cutters and tooling at a fraction of the cost with our “Used Cutters / Tooling” category. We offer a wide selection of pre-owned equipment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. From saw blades to routers and drills, our selection of used cutters and tooling is thoroughly tested and certified to perform just as well as new equipment.

Our focus on reliability and longevity ensures that each item in our category meets strict standards. And, purchasing used equipment is not only affordable, but also an environmentally responsible choice, helping reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint.

Explore our range of used cutters and tooling and find the right tool for your next project. Whether you have a specific tool in mind or just looking for a great deal, we have something for everyone. Browse our selection now and start saving today.

3 12in Industrial Saw Blade
SKU: 817-49

(3) 12in Industrial Saw Blade

CAD $75.00
# 3 Colletholders (13 various sizes)
SKU: 658-1039

# 3 Colletholders (13 various sizes)

CAD $125.00
013952 Carbide Insert Knives
SKU: 110-468

013952 Carbide Insert Knives 29.5x12x1.5mm

CAD $2.00
SKU: 110-696

1.5" Flute Shapes Milling Insert

CAD $75.00
SKU: 658-989

12" round magnetic table

CAD $250.00
1301-05-57-L Brad Point Drill Bit
SKU: 110-184

1301-05-57-L Brad Point Drill Bit 5x57.5mm

CAD $10.00
1301-05-57-R Brad Point Drill Bit
SKU: 110-183

1301-05-57-R Brad Point Drill Bit 5x57.5mm

CAD $10.00
68mm Moulder Cutter Head
SKU: 110-145

15.5mm x 68mm Moulder Cutter Head

CAD $10.00
70mm Moulder Cutter Head
SKU: 110-146

15.5mm x 70mm Moulder Cutter Head

CAD $10.00
74.5mm Moulder Cutter Head
SKU: 110-143

15.5mm x 74.5mm Moulder Cutter Head

CAD $10.00
74mm Moulder Cutter Head
SKU: 110-144

15.5mm x 74mm Moulder Cutter Head

CAD $10.00
75.5mm Moulder Cutter Head
SKU: 110-149

15mm x 75.5mm Moulder Cutter Head

CAD $10.00
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