Down-Cut Router Bits

Discover the precision and versatility of our Down-Cut Bits selection. As a woodworker or DIY enthusiast, you need tools that are up to the task, and our Down-Cut Bits deliver. Designed to produce clean, precise cuts in wood and other materials, these bits are an essential addition to your workshop.

Our selection features high-quality, durable bits in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Their unique cutting design minimizes chips and splinters, providing a clean, professional finish every time. Whether you’re building furniture, cabinetry, or custom projects, these bits help you achieve the perfect results.

The bits are equipped with precise cutting angles and a sturdy, heat-resistant body that minimizes breakage, making them a reliable choice for all your projects.

Don’t settle for subpar tools. Upgrade your workshop with our selection and experience the difference quality makes. Browse our selection today and see the difference for yourself. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or just starting out, you won’t find a better collection of Down-Cut Bits anywhere.

2 Flute Finishing Downcut RSF2000-D2
SKU: 110-179

FS Tool RSF2000-D2 Two Flute Finishing Downcut, 1/8" D x 1/2" CL x 2" OAL x 1/4" Shank

CAD $12.00
RSF2020-D2 Finishing Downcut Spiral Bit
SKU: 110-175

FS Tool RSF2020-D2 1/2" CD x 1-1/4" LoC x 1/2" SD x 3" OAL 2 Flute Solid Carbide Finishing Downcut Spiral

CAD $25.00
57-359MD 2 Flute Downcut Bit
SKU: 110-181

LMT Onsrud 57-359MD Solid Carbide Router, 2 Flute, Downcut

CAD $110.00
Solid Carbide Router, 2 Flute, Down-cut, Marathon Coated
SKU: 110-170

LMT Onsrud 75-317MD Solid Carbide Router, 2 Flute, Down-cut, Marathon Coated

CAD $85.00
110-1480 CNC Downcut Router Bit
SKU: 110-182

Misenheimer 110-1480 1/2" CD x 1-1/4" CL x 1/2" Shank x 3" OAL

CAD $45.00
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