PST Tax Exemption

Am I Exempt from BC PST?

In some cases Provincial Sales Tax (PST) does not need to be paid on purchases or leases. PST exemptions are available for either those living outside the province of British Columbia, or for those using qualifying machinery for the below applications:

  • Exploration for, discovery of or development of petroleum or natural gas
  • Exploration for minerals or development of mines
  • Extraction or processing of minerals
  • Extraction or processing of petroleum or natural gas
  • Geophysical surveying
  • Local government power generation
  • Logging
  • Manufacturing
  • Pollution control
  • Providing manufacturing services to manufacturers
  • Software development
  • Transmission or distribution of goods or software
  • Waste management

Please refer to the PST Exemptions and Documentation Requirements document, pst_200.pdf, page 21, published August 2013

How do I claim exemption before purchase?

It is important, if claiming exemption, that you provide us evidence as such at the time of purchase. If you fail to provide PST exemption before payment is processed you will need to retroactively claim back the PST amount separetaly (more details below).

Please download the following form, complete, and return to
Customer PST Exemption Form

How do I claim exemption after purchase?

If you failed to provide evidence of PST tax exemption prior to purchase, please complete the form below and follow the instructions contained within. Coast Machinery Group will be unable to refund any part of the PST paid directly.

BC PST Refund Form

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