Leasing Equipment

Coast Machinery Group does not currently provide direct financing or lease options for our machinery. We have instead partnered with a local Canadian leasing provider, ‘Derotto Leasing’, who is able to recommend leasing options for you.

The leasing process is outlined below for reference only. Please click here to visit the website

Lease Process

The lease process typically requires three things – credit information, financial information and details of the equipment. Each application is different and may or may not require all three items in order to hopefully secure an approval.

Once the application has been approved the lease paperwork is prepared and emailed or couriered to the customer for authorization. After the lease paperwork has been signed the originals are couriered to DEROTTO Leasing.

When the signed original lease paperwork is received by DEROTTO Leasing the seller of the equipment is typically paid within 48 hours.

To initiate the process contact DEROTTO Leasing via phone (855) DEROTTO (337-6886) or email Darryl at darryl@derotto.com or Brian at jayce@derotto.com

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