Photography Guidelines

When submitting photos to Coast Machinery Group, please follow the guidelines below. If photos are of poor quality, or stray too far from the recommendations we may be unable to advertise your machine for sale.

Please email photos to:

Step 1: Orientation – All photos must be taken in horizontal landscape, in fact 1:1 ratio is recommended
Used woodworking machinery dealer in BC

Step 2: Focus – Photos are clear, sharp and in focus. If possible, use a tripod.​
Used metalworking machinery products

Step 3: Lighting – Equipment is well lit and clearly visible.
Used woodworking machinery dealer in North America

Step 4: Positioning – Include full frame shots of the equipment; do not cut off parts and ensure the subject is centered.
Used metalworking machinery dealer in BC

Step 5: Angles – Provide photos of the equipment from different angles.
Used woodworking machinery products

Step 6: No Obstructions – Pictures are clear of obstructions. Remove any unnecessary items that are not part of the machine.
Used metalworking machinery dealer in North America

Step 7: Presentable – Ensure the machine is clean and presentable.
Used woodworking machinery dealer

Step 8: Interior shots – Provide interior shots to showcase important parts
Used machinery dealer in North America

Step 9: Details – Include photos of manufacturer’s tags: model, serial #, voltage, phase, etc.
Used metalworking machinery dealer

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