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2017/07/10 – Please be aware that we currently have a significant backlog of machines due to increased demand. Allow up to 3 weeks for your listing to go live

All our sellers that advertise through Coast Machinery Group are designated a unique ID number that allows them to track their machinery on our website & sales channels.

Your Customer ID Number will be in the following format:

Customer ID:123

Your machinery items will be appended in the following format:

Product ID: 123-1, 123-2, 123-3 etc.

If you do not know your customer ID number (please first check your signed ‘consignment agreement’ proof), contact us at

How do I look up my machines online?

Finding your machinery on our website is easy; in the search box enter either your 3-digit customer ID ie. ‘123’, or a specific product ID ie. ‘123-4’. You will then be able to view all machines associated with your account.

I don’t see a specific machine, has it sold?

Generally if your product is no longer listed, it is because it has been processed as ‘sold’ through our accounting system. Exclusions to this may apply, such as; machines that have arrived in the last 2-weeks and may not have been fully inspected and listed, or machines that are missing important information or pictures. If you believe your machine may have been sold, the best way to find out for sure is to call us on +1 604 556 2225

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